– Mission Statement

Accomplish rapid, effective change in specific areas of government and law, through the focus and mutual cooperation of politically, socially, culturally and philosophically diverse people. IOW:

 ”To Find Common Ground Upon Which to Act for the Common Good” 

 Broad Stroke Methodology 

If we can put unrelated disagreements, regardless of how severe aside, even for a moment, to accomplish a single, mutually beneficial task, we are both better off for it.

Based upon the belief that at least 2/3 (TwoThirds) of the citizens and would-be citizens of the United States of America are willing to put their fundamental differences aside, regardless of how large these may be, we endeavor to:

Grow the membership of this Website to a point where, combined with other sources, we are can obtain statistically significant opinions on a variety of issues.

By using our own polling and other reliable surveys and demographics, we identify one specific mission that should be relatively easy to complete, with measurable milestones, and within a reasonable time.

identify problems in our governments and our systems, large and small and at all levels, upon which a auper majority of US Citizens and legal residents can agree not only exist, but can be solved.

Putting unrelated differences aside we will then agree to focus on one of these, and work collectively to implement a solution before repeating the process with another.

A Typical Mission

The War: Regain Control of Government Of, by and for The People

  • The Theatre: Crony Capitalism
    • The Battle: Corporate Campaign Contributions (for example)
      • Strategic Outline:
        • Discussion, Polling, Intelligence, Fact-Finding and Reporting
        • Build Consensus of Opinion (Doubles as Ready Reserve)
        • Develop Mission Statement
        • Identify Targets, Objectives, Obsticles and Unintended Consequences
        • Go/No-Go Decision
        • Identify Allies
        • Recruiting and Partnering
        • Assemble and Assign Assets
        • Train, Equip. Enable and Empower Membership
        • Propaganda, Spin and Media Missles
        • Conduct Operations as Needed in Support of Mission Fulfillment
        • Mission Accomplished!
        • Post Mortem: Lessons Learned.
  • Pick Another Theatre or Battle
  • Repeat As Needed Until Change is Significant and Positive

Milestones and Long Term Growth

Raise funds to further the mission statement.

Continually poll our users about how might best serve them, and then endeavor to do so.

Encourage and attract thought-provoking and constructive conversation, debate and problem-solving.

Become a trusted source for opinions, ideas and brain-storming partners in an arena based on fact, and logic rather than feelings and emotion.

Make Webhosting, Subdomains and E-Mails available to people and organizations who would like to take the TwoThirds concept to the state, local or even organizational level. or are two possibilities.

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